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Turtlez – God Is Back | SKRUFIX

Turtlez - God Is Back | SKRUFIX

If 2013 was Skrufix’s `difficult second year’ then it’s fair to say that the now fully-fledged label handled its difficulties very easily. As well as having their most successful release to date (`Walk in Stomp’ by the Mighty Hor) featured in the Juan Maclean’s hugely popular BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, the Commonwealth-born and Berlin-based label organised a smashing series of Berlin parties at venues like Suicide Circus, Farbfernseher and a number of secret venues around the city. 2014 has featured two killer parties already, and it’s still only February!

There is more to this label than just parties though. Having slept through the winter, Turtlez now return with their second release as they crawl out from hibernation in the newly constructed Skrufix Studios – and this time they are aided by a Higher Power as `God iz Back’! Inspired by the recent trend for high energy gospel-fuelled dance music pioneered by the almighty Floorplan (aka Robert Hood), the Turtlez duo deliver their own distinctly religious track `Dream of Heaven’. Their holy offering is even more solemn and deep than Mr. Hood’s, and its solid kicks, scraping percussion and joyous vocals take listeners on an equally moving spiritual journey.

On the flip side is something different but complementary: in the track `Smoking Buckets’ the Turtlez drop some broken beats and beautifully cut-up vocals, mixing something new into the old school feel that they know and love, and which they flaunted on their first release last year: http://vimeo.com/54405640

As the party-planning gathers pace, so too does the release schedule: expect 2014 to be the year that Skrufix get busy! The Turtlez duo are already working on their collective follow-up to this release, while also preparing their own individual confections under their solo aliases Things With Wings and The Crane. What’s more, we have a special artist working on a DOPE track as we speak – so watch this Skrufix-filled space for more freestyle dancefloor adventures!


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