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Truss and Tessela join the XL Recordings family

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Truss and Tessela have joined forces with XL Recordings under the Overmono alias, and the pair have announced they have a record coming out later this month.

TR\\ER was released by the duo back in 2012, but apart from that this will be the brothers first collaborative venture.

Tom and Ed Russell spoke about the concept, stating “Despite doing some live shows together and the fact that we’re brothers, we hadn’t ever really written music together and wanted to start something new. We decided to head to a remote cottage in rural Wales, near to where we grew up. The trip ended up being the most creative stint either of us had ever had and after a week we had the foundations for Overmono.”

The first collaborative LP from Overmono, titled Arla, is coming out on XL Recordings on July 29th.