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This Greedy Pig produce documentary on inspiring the female artist

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The representation of female DJ’s and producers at festivals and discrimination and stereotyping of the female artist simply because of her gender is a topic that has been furiously discussed by many.

Move The Needle by Joni is a documentary produced by This Greedy Pig in association with Smirnoff as part of their ‘Equalising Music’ campaign. It features the likes of ELLL and Sally Cinnamon and looks to identify the safe spaces where a female artist feels she can avoid the judging eyes of the ‘for men only’ gang in order to grow and become inspired.

Move The Needle is also the name given to a series of workshops taking place across Ireland, hosted by Gash Collective. They take place in Galway, Cork, Dublin and Belfast, with each entailing CDJ and turntable lessons, Abelton production masterclasses, tips on beatmatching and much, much more, straight from the minds of inspiring women belonging to Ireland’s scene, such as Marion Hawkes, Eve and Lolz.

Watch the documentary below. Also, you can sign up for the workshops here and check out when and where each is taking place below.

Galway Arts Centre, Galway
Sunday 18th June

Wandesforth Gallery, Cork
Saturday 22nd July

The Tara Building, Dublin
Saturday 12th August

Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Saturday 15th July