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The Reactivitz releases debut album ‘The Uncertainty of Tomorrow’

The Reactivitz is an artist that will need little introduction to longstanding fans of techno, as the French producer has made numerous top-selling releases on highly influential record labels.

Ranging from early releases on Carl Cox’s Intec to more recent outings on Metodi Hristov’s Set About, he has continually evolved and blossomed.

Maintaining a consistent high quality of production while managing to avoid the trap of tracks sounding generic or formulaic, but The Reactivitz makes it seem effortless with his constant stream of new music.

There is a point in every music producer’s career where writing a debut album becomes both a litmus test and a rite of passage, as it’s a hurdle that separates the front runners from the rest of the pack. 

Some albums don’t have enough variation to switch between differnt moods or tell a story, then others have too much variation so the release has no consistency or solid foundation.

During lockdown, The Reactivitz decided to undertake the task of writing a debut album. True to his trademark sound, but also dipping his toe into new waters, the album is a triumph of his talents.

After a suspense-building intro, the music takes flight on the wings of a pounding kick drum, which takes the listener on a journey with soaring heights alongside the dark and twisted style that many expect from his peak time techno tracks.

Although most of the album is set against an ominous backdrop with moody atmospherics, thrashing percussion and eerie textures, there are tracks like the uplifting “Oracle” that help tell a more intricate story.

All the tracks on this release would work on a dance floor, but it’s captivating enough to listen to at home or in a more intimate setting.

The Reactivitz – The Uncertainty of Tomorrow LP is out now on Immersion.

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