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The four cities that drive European dance culture

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Just like Berlin, Budapest has had a troubled history, suffering oppression under totalarium regimes, but today the electronic music scene couldn’t be healthier and the city has taken on a new lease of life.

Today Budapest attracts creative and likeminded individuals from all over the world, who come together to celebrate the cities rich history.

Embracing dance culture with open arms, Budapest has made its mark on the world stage; the vibrant city hosts some of the most unique clubs in Europe, offering a wide range of genres and catering for all areas of electronic music.

Many of Budapest’s clubs offer something unique; a few worth mentioning are Larm and A38.

A38 is a Ukrainian stone – cattier ship, now converted into a floating venue, they have played host to world class DJs such as Ben Klock and Lee Foss and feature a world class sound system, A38 is also considered as one of the cities most iconic venues.

Larm is Budapest’s newest addition to the underground scene and has now established itself as a favourite amongst the cities niche electronic music faithful. In recent times, this dark basement type club has played host to house and techno heavyweights such as Steffi, Tolo and Kate Simko and the club pay close attention to details, with everything to the lighting and sound system.

Budapest’s hunger for dance music is forever growing and the city has now made its mark across all of Europe.


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