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The four cities that drive European dance culture

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Barcelona is forever changing; many parties are often a one off or do not run on a consistent basis, and the city cannot be pinned to one sound in particular, this makes the city very unique in its ways, and there is still much to be celebrated within its rich electronic music scene.

Sonar has helped put Barcelona on the map, and attracts music lovers from all across the world every year, showcasing the very best in dance and electronic music, although there is much more to the city than Sonar.

Clubs like Moog, Razzmatazz and Club 4 have been consistently providing fans of house and techno in Barcelona, with world class DJs such as Paco Osuna, Tale of us, Adam Beyer and Odd Parents.

Many people contest that Barcelona has the strongest electronic music scene in Spain, and with the power of Sonar bringing thousands of tourists to the city each year, DJs and promoters there are committed to providing the people with a world class clubbing experience all year round.


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