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The four cities that drive European dance culture

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For many years now, Amsterdam’s scene has been thriving and is seen as a world class party destination. The beauty of the city combined with its vibrant nightlife make for a very special place.

In the past, some have spoken about the lack of togetherness between the local DJs and the promoters, but many now agree the scene has become more self-assured, with some club nights revolving around local talent.

Establishments such as ADE, Rush Hour Music and Trouw played a major part in the cities musical direction, and have helped the city massively in gaining worldwide recognition. Trouw coming to an end was an unfortunate blow for the cities nightlife; however the original organisers are planning a return with the mayor of the city, Eberhard van de Laan granting three clubs a 24-hour license.

Meanwhile, clubs like Studio 80 and Sugarfactory have gone from strength to strength; bringing in some the worlds most talented DJs and producers, in 2015 these two clubs have seen the likes of Will Saul, Serge and Detroit Swindle all make an appearance.

Amsterdam’s scene has never been healthier and the city promises much more to come.


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