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The Big 40: Milk & Sugar

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The Big 40 see’s us bring the biggest names in dance music under the microscope, for episode two in the series we got in touch with Munich pals Milk & Sugar to get the low down on what it’s like as an A list DJ duo in 2015.

Having played for every major promotion on a global scale as and successfully launched their own milk & Sugar Recordings (which is currently approaching 200 releases!) the pair are a perfect fit for The Big 40.


01. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

We just returned from our Turkey tour and are preparing for one of the last open air festival weekends in Germany.


02. What year were you born?

The idea of Milk & Sugar was born quite a while ago in London, when we first came in touch with Discohouse.


03. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

We spend more time in the studio than in our apartments, and the coolest thing this summer – it was boiling hot over 6 weeks – was our air conditioning.


04. Worst experience as a DJ?

Flying to a festival in Turkey and being told it had been cancelled due to flooding. We booked the next flight back to Munich and never got the payment for the tickets back.


05. Best experience as a DJ?

A lot… Ibiza, Russia, Croatia, and more than 50 other countries we have visited. Oh, and 50.000 people singing our song in the Sambadrom in Sao Paulo.


06. Favourite record label?

Defected, Exploited, Kittball, and so on, there are many other great labels around.


07. House or Techno?

When we play: House. When we go out: both.


08. First record you ever paid for?

Steven: Whitney Houston – Whitney; Mike: Iggy Pop – Lust For Life.


09. Studio or DJ booth?

Studio weekdays, DJ Booth on the weekend.


10. Your dream collaboration?

With Miss November.

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11. Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?

Whatever happens on tour stays on tour.


12. Cats or dogs?

No time for pets.


13. Ever smoked?

Yeah, and gave up… err… well… almost.


14. Ever done drugs?

Life taught us that a DJ should never take more than his crowd.


15. Ever stole?

Talent copies, genius steals.


16. Busy city, or quiet beach?

We had a couple of days at very, very quiet beaches last week in Turkey. So: At the moment busy cities preferred.


17. One act who’s inspired you your whole career?

One is hard to choose. Some of the first generation DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles.


18. If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

We can´t imagine not working in this exciting business. Maybe we´d start painting!


19. Worst job you’ve ever had?

Working in a bank.


20. Favourite record right now?

Julio Bashmore – Holding On.

Milk & Sugar, Soundspace, The Big 40, Interview, Deep House

21. Favourite record of all time?

David Bowie – I AM A DJ.


22. One thing you couldn’t live without?



23. Favourite food?



24. Movies or books?

Depends on our moods.


25. Vinyl or CDJs?

Vinyl will always be our biggest love, but it´s almost impossible to get most of the tracks we play on vinyl.


26. Favourite country to travel to?

Until a couple of years ago Russia and Brazil were our favorites, but we had some great parties in France recently, also Germany has a really big and inspiring club scene.


27. Favourite club you’ve played at?

Definitely Space Ibiza in the 2000´s era, but recently Green Valley in Brazil or Pacha Ibiza.


28. Favourite festival you’ve played at?

Love Parade in Berlin.


29. Craziest story of being on the road?

You meet the craziest drivers on the road in Romania, Macedonia and Russia.


30. Weirdest request as a DJ?

Please don´t play so much Techno.

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31. Coke or Pepsi?



32. If you had one super power what would it be?

The ability of tele-transportation.


33. Late sleeper or early riser?

We can´t imagine a DJ being an early riser?.


34. Favourite fruit?



35. Strangest video you’ve watched on YouTube?

Videos from a Dutch rave in the early 90’s.


36. Shower or bath?

Hot tub.


37. The top thing on your bucket list?

Recharge the batteries.


38. PlayStation or Xbox?



39. Do you have any pets?



40. Anything to add?

Funky Music is a part of us.