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The Big 40: Alex Niggemann

21. Favourite record of all time?

DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar.

22. One thing you couldn’t live without?

My family.

23. Favourite food?


24. Movies or books?

If I had more time, books.

25. Vinyl or CDJs?

I’d prefer vinyl, if the whole world only had one choice.

26. Favourite country to travel to?


27. Favourite club you’ve played at?

Berghain/Panorama Bar.

28. Favourite festival you’ve played at?

A few.

29. Craziest story of being on the road?

I almost died once when a guy working for a festival drove me back to the hotel. He fell asleep, and switched to the opposite lane. I put my hands on the steering wheel and swerved, and we narrowly avoided hitting a truck front on.

30. Weirdest request as a DJ?

Hahaha…too many!

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