Take a virtual tour of Berghain, thanks to Minecraft | Soundspace

Take a virtual tour of Berghain, thanks to Minecraft

The wall of smoke and mirrors surrounding Berlin club Berghain and its uniquely specific set of rules has become a little bit less secretive. Reddit user u/throwawayforleudstuff posted to the r/Techno subreddit that he’d created the Berghain building inside of Minecraft, and to a pretty detailed spec. With the virtual layout including entrance halls, a cloak room, Salle, Berghain, Panorama Bar and multiple bars, toliets, pathways and of course the infamous darkrooms.

Inside the original Reddit post he mentions “A couple days ago I decided to build Berghain in Minecraft. It took a bit longer than expected, and there are still some parts that I couldn’t quite finish.” Further adding that “I could host it on a server, for you guys to walk around on the map? We could curate some kind of berghain themed techno playlist”

Perhaps anyone that has had trouble getting past the Berghain door staff, or that aren’t able to visit Germany, could attend some form or ‘virtual rave’ at the Minecraft version of the club from their own home?

Watch a virtual walkthrough of the club below.