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Studio Essentials: Montel

Northern Irish producer Ric McClelland is best known for his aliases Montel and MNTL., Producing house as Montel he has featured on labels such as Knee Deep In Sound, Bedrock and Glasgow Underground. MNTL is an alias he uses for techno with the output of that style being aimed at his own imprints Miles From Mars and Misfit Music.

Along with the success of his solo productions he has also collaborated with some of electronic music’s most prestigious names like Huxley, Kevin Saunderson and Todd Terry. We caught up with Ric McClelland to get a rundown of his studio set up, and the essential bits of equipment that help him create his sound.

Logic Pro X

Like most producers nowadays, I’m working ‘in the box’ and Logic is where everything comes together and is mixed. The main features I would use are the ESX24 sampler, EFM1 synth (mainly for bass) and then effects like Tape Delay, Space Designer Verb, AutoFilter, Overdrive etc. and also the Compressors too.

Arturia Keylab MkII

The last few years I was just using a Novation Keystation as it was really portable, but I missed having pads and faders, so decided to upgrade. The Keylab is amazing! It’s really well put together. The semi-weighted keys give it a much nicer feel to the previous keyboards I’ve had over the last while and it has loads of really cool features like backlit pads, faders and knobs plus dedicated transport controls and cv/gate outputs.

U-he Diva Synth

There are various soft synths that I use, but this is the main one. Loads of cool presets to get you started and then the oscillators, filters and envelopes are really powerful and great fun to play around with. Definitely one of the best soft synths in years!

Mackie HR624 MK2 Monitors

I’ve used several different types of monitors over the years, but keep coming back to the Mackies. They’re what I used when I first started making music and are so precise and comfortable to mix on. I use the 624’s at home and the 824’s in the studio.


I’ve been compiling and cataloguing samples for about 10 years now. Going back through my record collection and picking out drum hits, stabs, pads, vocals. I’ve never been a massive synth/hardware nerd and always preferred working with samples. You have to be creative by chopping them up and playing about with them, but for me, that’s how you get the ‘sound’ of house/techno/electronic music I’m into.

MNTL’s latest release on his label Miles From Mars is out now.