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Studio Essentials: Manda Moor

Studio Essentials: Manda Moor

Alongside running the Mood Child imprint in partnership with Sirus Hood – which has released music from Nick Curly, The Mekanism, and Trangaz – Parisian club talent Manda Moor has also put her own productions out on labels like Hot Creations and Tamango Records.

As both a DJ and a producer, her sound sits in that percussive-driven corner of brisk, sturdy house music, and recent bookings have seen her play to crowds at Space Miami, Amnesia Ibiza, and London’s Drumsheds.

Sharing her top bits of production gear for our latest Studio Essentials, she talks about her favourite studio monitors, plugins, drum machines, and headphones. Get the full list, including words from Manda Moor herself below.

Barefoot Sound MicroMain27

Barefoot MicroMain27 Studio Essentials Soundspace

“The Rolls Royce of speakers for me. I love them because they deliver the truest sound. The sound is flat and neutral, making them the best option for producing music. I use the MicroMain27 pair, they have dual force technology with two woofers in opposition to cancel the vibration of the cabinet.”

Native Instruments Maschine+

Maschine+ plus Studio Essentials Soundspace

“This is my go-to hardware to produce music on. I’ve made most of my tracks on it and I love how fast you can make and sequence loops. It’s a standalone product, meaning you can make beats on the go. The software is also very intuitive, when you find your flow you can make tracks very fast.”

Izotope Ozone

Izotope Ozone Studio Essentials Soundspace

“Ozone plugins can be very useful, I put Nectar on all of my vocals. Their presets are so well designed and make any basic vocal sound clear and professional. I also use Ozone Imager a lot on my drums, synths, vocals, fx, etc. to create some space in the mix, to leave more room for my kick and bass in the centre and have a richer stereo for other elements, while I put every frequency in a specific position.”

Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud Studio Essentials Soundspace

“Imagine having all of the legendary Roland drum machines and synths in one plugin. Roland Cloud offers them all, along with a software version of their newest instruments. My personal favorite is the TB-303 plugin, the presets sound amazing. This is perfect for making beats while traveling.”

Roland TR-909

Roland TR-909 Studio Essentials Soundspace

“I first learned about sequencing with this legendary machine by Roland, and made my first loops on it. I was inspired by the way Jeff Mills, DJ Deeon, and Paul Johnson used it. Its sound is uncomparable, unique, and I just know that I can’t go wrong with a 909 sample if I’m in doubt. I love how raw and warm it sounds, especially when you know that each sound emitted is different due to the uniqueness of the electrical signal passing through.”

Ableton Live

ableton live studio essentials soundspace

“Ableton is my favorite DAW. I like to use it as a recorder when I make loops on other hardware, then I arrange later. It’s very versatile in both arrangement and session view, I personally use more of the arrangement view. Ableton’s audio effects are really good and you can make a very good mix with just its native tools.”

Pioneer HDJ S7

Pioneer HDJ-S7 Studio Essentials Soundspace

“I use these headphones to DJ and to produce when I’m travelling. They’re solid, do the job perfectly and can go very loud without bothering people around me in the plane for example, thanks to their isolating cushion. I also prefer them to other headphones because I feel the bass more.”

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