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Studio Essentials: Gene Farris

Studio Essentials: Gene Farris

Having come out of Chicago in the early ’90s, Gene Farris had a front row seat to the early development of house music. Now with almost three decades under his belt, Gene is still on top of his game and regularly puts his music out with Get Physical, Relief Records, ViVA Limited and Snatch!.

Besides putting his sounds out on other outputs, he also heads up his own Farris Wheel Recordings label where he has aided in the release of gorgeous house anthems from CJ Jeff, Sonny Fodera, Sacha Robotti and Roy Davis Jr.

We reached out to the Chicagoan for the inaugural edition of our new Studio Essentials. The series gets a genre-leading producer to pick five pieces of gear in their studio and explain why they are essential to their creative process.

Logic Pro X

I’ve been personally using this program for about 20 years or so since it was emagic. I think I still have my emagic key somewhere. So I know the ins and outs of this program as well as anyone, and the new features are second to none. I would recommend Logic for anyone, beginner through to experienced pro.

MCU Pro Universal Control Surface

I like to touch faders and control knobs while I’m mixing. It still gives me an analog feeling with a Digital DAW running my studio. There’s something about having that tactility that makes everything flow much better and I think it gives the finished product a more human feel.

MM-45 Barefoot Studio Monitors

Every studio needs two good pairs of monitors, otherwise you’re not giving yourself a chance. In my studio I have the MM-45s, which are incredible. Some of the best monitors I’ve heard, however all barefoot stuff is pretty solid so if you’ve got the cash pick up a pair in your price range and grab them! My second pair is the studio standard Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors, the classics. If your stuff sounds tight and good on these they will sound good anywhere.

Avalon 737 SP Vacuum Tube Compressor

This my go-to compressor above all others so I recommend it for everything and use it not only in every track, but in multiple parts of pretty much every record I make. Vocals, bass, keys, anything I can plug in to it!

AKG Solid Tube Mic

Last but definitely not least you need a good mic. Even if you’re not much of a singer you can use your voice for adding depth in loads of different ways. I this AKG for myself, but I recommend testing a few out and find what works for you.

GAWP & Gene Farris – Aphrodisiac will drop March 8th on 7Wallace.