Spektre return to Respekt with another pounding techno EP | Soundspace

Spektre return to Respekt with another pounding techno EP


Hard hitting as ever, the Spektre boys are back with another thumping EP of dark techno perfectly engineered for devastating the dance floor. Along with the original cuts, there are also remixes from Loco & Jam and Vinicius Honorio who each put their stamp on the track titled Something Inside Us.

Spektre is known for their no prisoners taken style that has dramatic synth hooks fused with heavy drum sounds and rhythms full of energy, and they have showcased their music on Drumcode, ELEVATE, and their own Respekt Recordings.

This new EP is on Respekt and the title track Gates Of Dawn has a ripping bassline that tears out the speakers amidst snare rolls and excited vocal stabs. Something Inside Us is defined by its vocal, but its mood is provided by euphoric pads.

Loco & Jam thrash out their remix in a game of two halves with the darkness of their groove subsiding for the uplifting pads that engulf the main breakdown of their pumping rework, once again showing that the Northern Irish duo has something of a Midas touch when it comes to remixing.

Vinicius Honorio is a name often associated with Drumcode but he has also contributed to many other imprints such as Octopus and Suara. Dramatically different from the original the snare rolls and offbeat synth stabs give his stripped back remix a jackin’ techno groove.

Spektre’s Gates Of Dawn EP is out now.