Spektre drop brand new ‘Delusion of Choice’ EP | Soundspace

Spektre drop brand new ‘Delusion of Choice’ EP

UK duo Spektre are back on their own Respekt Recordings label with an awe-inspiring techno EP in their usual fast-paced style.

Having made a name for themselves as one of the most consistent acts in techno, they’ve released music on record labels ranging from Drumcode to Filth on Acid and although they’ve featured on many of techno’s most iconic labels, they often seem to save their best tracks for their own.

‘Delusion of Choice’ is the title of their new two-track EP, and it’s a perfect example of how they and their label have cultivated and nourished a style of music that’s idolised by techno fans across the globe.

First up, ‘Delusion of Choice’ is built around ominous chords and acid synths which merge with eerie vocals to create an atmosphere full of brooding intensity. ‘Harbinger’ is second on the release, and the spine-chilling melody line fuses with the bassline and kick drum to create a warped soundscape.

Spektre – Delusion of Choice EP is out now on Respekt Recordings.

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