Spanish don UNER drops a new EP on his label Solar Distance | Soundspace

Spanish don UNER drops a new EP on his label Solar Distance

In Focus: Uner & Solar Distance

New on UNER’s Solar Distance is a two track release from the label boss himself, and it’s an eloquent release deeper than some might expect from the Spanish maestro of melodic house.

UNER has of course been a feature on many of the world’s leading record labels after first breaking through on Solomun’s Diynamic Music nearly a decade ago, and fans will be familiar with his more recent releases including Suara, Last Night On Earth and Bedrock.

The first track on UNER’s new release has the powerful synth lines and percussive backbone that’s become a trademark of his club friendly sound championed by DJ’s all over the world.

Second on the release though is a track called The Chant Of The Pheasant, and that although still having UNER’s familiar elements is a breakaway from the extroverted style some might expect.

Introverted and almost self-reflective The Chant Of The Pheasant has a chill out vibe to it, and would definitely still work on a dancefloor, but its beautiful piano lead groove is certainly more of a mood setter rather than a peak time banger.

Both the tracks on the release have some definite spiritual influence, and both are great pieces of music, but depending on what you are looking for some people may be drawn to one more than the other.

You can pick up a copy of the release here.