SoundCloud visual profile: A brief guide

SoundCloud Visual Profile: A Brief Guide

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SoundCloud have posted a brief guide on the how, when and where to get your visual banner. Given the amount of requests we got from yesterdays article; we can only imagine how many SoundCloud received!

They have stated Pro Unlimited accounts will receive the feature firs, with Pro and free users not far behind. “First to Pro Unlimited users, then to Pro users and finally to Free users, so if you don’t have the option to upload an image just yet, please hold tight, as we’re getting this out as quickly as possible.”

A basic set of requirements has also been set; so you can prepare your creative and upload as soon as the feature reaches you.

  • JPG or PNG
  • 2480 x 520
  • 2MB file size

It may be important for some users to note that a portion of the banner will be cut off when viewing on tablets or mobile. So be sure to check your page on all devices if displaying release info or text.