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Soundcloud users – Get your music mastered for free

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Online streaming service Soundcloud have announced a collaboration with online mastering service LANDR in order to allow all users the opportunity to have their music mastered free of charge.

LANDR launched last year and states that it gives sounds “a quality finish like an major artist with a budget” by just uploading the track to the cloud.

However, before all you up and coming producers get excited, the partnership doesn’t offer free access to the entirity of LANDR’s services, it only masters tracks that are specifically for Soundcloud upload. If you want actual MP3 or WAV mastering you’re going to have to dig into your pockets.

A spokesman for Soundcloud spoke to RA stating, “We use exactly the same algorithms but we did some research to find the best output for optimising the sound of any track on the SoundCloud streaming format. The optimised tracks will only be hosted on SoundCloud and not in LANDR’s track library. It is really aimed at streaming on SoundCloud. If a user wants to get a proper master, they will have to buy it from LANDR in HD WAV, WAV or high or low-res mp3 formats.”

As long as you have a LANDR account the feature will be free. The feature also comes with the option of one free WAV. Soundcloud Pro and Pro Unlimited users get two and four WAVs.

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