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Sol Selectas’ new ‘Global Entry 3’ VA ft. Namito, Hot Oasis, and Derun

Sabo and his Sol Selectas label kick off 2022 with a stunning 11-track compilation album which focuses firmly on melodic deep house and uplifting moods.

It’s the third edition of the label’s Global Entry series, which comes out during the winter months as a precursor to the label’s flagship Summer Sol series, that marks the first day of the summer solstice.

Summer Sol has predominantly featured slower tempos that are suited to lethargic dance floors being roasted under the heat of the sun, but Global Entry brings its own heat with upbeat grooves that help warm the body from the inside out.

The release features music from established names like Namito, Hot Oasis, and Derun, alongside emerging talent such as Ece Ekran and Deenara.

It would be a disservice to the project to try and highlight any specific inclusion, as each of the tracks are perfect in their own special way.

Namito has been one of Sol Selectas top-selling artists over these last few years, so many will no doubt be tempted to go straight for his contribution, but we strongly recommend digging a little deeper, as there is so much more on offer.

Sol Selectas – Global Entry 3 is out now on Sol Selectas.

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