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SoKool – Recognize (Incl Ektschn Remix)


SoKool - Recognize (Incl Ektschn Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD MP3 ZIPPY


Rating: 9/10


Berlin is the city we call home. A place where musical inspiration wonders through the air and eventually reaches out to those who listen. We take good pride on our a&r department as we have discovered and pushed a good number of talented musicians from all over the world, this time we didn’t have to go too far since its in Germany’s capital where we can find SoKool. Mathias and Thomas teamed up in 2011 and since then they’ve been on the rise with releases in Heinz Music, Poesie Musik and Katermukke and they now deliver an impressive pair of incredible songs that will sure do great damage in dance floors across the world.

Teaming up with the potent voice of Mr Schug they create “Recognize”, a feel-good journey with a high emotional content, one of those tracks that gives instant goosebumps. Full of soul and with huge synthwork it inmediately caught our ear, and we decided to bring on the guys from Ektschn (Beatamines + Mirco Niemeier) who add their groovy swing keeping the harmonic and vocal values intact in their bouncier percussive interpretation.

Things get techier on the b-side with “Free Your Mind”, with a darker deep atmosphere with bubbly synth-bass and great use of effects to create a mind-bending moment in those sweaty nights. We are happy once again to be bringing high standard quality music to the table, made in Berlin and for the whole planet to enjoy.


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