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Selective Response on how America compares to Europe, inspiration & more

Interview: Selective Response

Dance music might have originated in the States, but there’s no doubt that the European club circuit has dominated for the past two decades, which might be motivation enough for American artists to lock themselves away in the studio to hone their skills and make a change.

One such talent who wants to shift the narrative is Los Angeles based producer Selective Response, who having worked in the industry for almost ten years recently launched the project alongside a new label.

We spoke to him ahead of his new Blame It On The Holy Rollers EP to ask about the tracks, how he compares America to Europe and which of his peers has inspired him the most.

you just released your new Blame It On The Holy Rollers EP, tell us about the tracks? How did they come together?

The tracks were made around the same time last year in my old studio. They are mostly comprised of only two pieces of hardware being the Elektron Digitakt and Digitone, although the lead for Paper Tigers is from the Yamaha MOD X.

I didn’t really have any specific ideas when making them, they just came about while jamming and having fun. I’m generally not someone who goes into the studio with a specific idea most times.

It’s out on your own Crisis Of Man imprint, where you have exclusively released your music until now, why not on other labels?

As I mentioned earlier, I usually don’t have a specific plan when going into the studio. That means I don’t think “ok I’m going to make an EP for this specific label”, which generally results in either my music not directly fitting on another label, or not having enough similar tracks for an EP. It’s a double edged sword, but I think that it’s beneficial to have a unique sound.

And will you be accepting demos from other artists in future?

Yes, definitely. The goal is for the label to be the premiere imprint in America for underground music, with a focus on West Coast artists when possible.

Selective Response is a relatively new project, but you have years of experience in the music industry?

Correct. It’s been almost 10 years since I got started, and still have my other projects going. Over time I started to drift more into the harder techno, but still love other genres, so to make my life easier I created Selective Response, and, since it’s inception, things have been going amazingly well.

And you’re native to California, what excites you about your local scene right now?

It’s an exciting time for sure. It seems like every week we are getting more and more talent from around the world, and the warehouse scene is thriving. So much so that even the bigger more mainstream clubs have started trying to book some of the acts. It’s a bit polarizing because on one hand, I’m pumped that deserving acts are getting recognized and booked, but at the same time it’s kind of a “stay in your own lane” type thing.

What’s the biggest difference between American and European club culture?

Obviously, the amount of parties and clubs catering to underground music in Europe is unbeatable, for now. That being said, I think it’s only a matter of time until LA and the rest of the country catch up. I said that it’s an exciting time here, and my friends who’ve started coming over to play all say the same. Europe is established, but there’s nothing new. More festivals and club nights are popping up constantly with the same lineups and such, which is good for the artists.

America, on the other hand, is a blank canvas. I’ve told all of my friends and artists I’m in contact with that NOW is the time to get over here, dig your heels in, and when things really pop off in the next year or two, you’ll be at the top of the food chain. Mark my words!

Who’s one act that has massively inspired your career?

That’s tough to say, as I’m inspired by so many people. In terms of DJs, I have to say Bas Mooy and Mord Records because he was doing a showcase at Berghain the first time I went. I can say without any doubt that he changed my life that night. To that I say thank you my friend!

I also want to quickly say thank you for all the support, feedback, and tips from all the artists I look up to. That’s what continually inspires me on a daily basis!

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, before we go, what has been your favourite track of 2020 so far?

That’s a tough one for sure. Two that I love and have played quite a lot are Concrete Destroyer by Endlec and Eidolon by Scalameriya. Absolute weapons!

Selective Response – Blame It On The Holy Rollers EP is out now on Crisis Of Man.