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Saytek delivers new EP on Just Her’s Constant Circles

Constant Circles is fast becoming a leading label of the electronic music world. Run by Just Her the label’s sound has often been melodic and stripped back, but it’s open minded music policy sometimes throws fans the occasional curveball.

Welcoming some fresh blood into their roster, Saytek is new to the Constant Circles family, and his label debut is a three track EP of live jams made using a hybrid of digital and analogue equipment.

Remembering the tracks on the release are recorded in a single take, it’s impossible not to be impressed by Saytek’s talents, plus being live, the tracks are a little rough around the edges in some places, which adds personality and charisma to their sound.

A definite change from the usual Constant Circles style, this raw and techno focused release has a twisted sound with the deeper first two tracks being different halves of the same live session.

The opening two tracks Circuit 3am and Macros have a sound that’s rich in melody with a style somewhere between melodic house and deep techno, but the final track Session 1 switches things up with an aggressive groove and menacing atmosphere.

All three of the tracks on this release are great, but it’s the hypnotic techno of Session 1 that’s perhaps the stand out selection from the EP which is available from here.