Sam WOLFE returns to UMEK's 1605 with new 'Out of Phase' EP | Soundspace

Sam WOLFE returns to UMEK’s 1605 with new ‘Out of Phase’ EP

Sam WOLFE is an American techno producer who begins 2023 with a fresh new release on UMEK’s 1605 imprint.

The 1605 label has become a regular platform for his music, though previous tracks from him have also come via the likes of Senso Sounds, Tronic, and Phobiq.

Establishing himself as an artist who focuses on peak-time energy and big room sounds, Sam WOLFE makes mammoth tracks with chunky percussive rhythms and awe-inspiring synth lines.

Titled ‘Out of Phase’ his latest opens with the EP’s title track, which combines memorable vocals with a pulsating bassline and punchy percussion. Taking no prisoners, it’s a high-octane roller-coaster ride that’s full of fast-paced twists and turns.

‘Gone’ makes up the b-side and takes no time in getting to the meat of the groove with a thickset bassline and pounding drums. Its trippy vocals provide a point of focus while the backing track delivers an onslaught of climatic energy.

Sam WOLFE – Out of Phase EP is out now on 1605.

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