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Sam WOLFE & KILL SCRIPT drop new EP on UMEK’s 1605

Sam WOLFE is back on UMEK’s 1605 with another full throttle techno release, and this time he is working in collaboration with KILL SCRIPT.

Having rose quickly through the techno circuit, Sam WOLFE made his 1605 debut in 2021, and has since become a regular on the label.

Joining him for this one is KILL SCRIPT, an emerging talent who has been making waves on the American scene, he has played at events such as EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York, and Seismic Dance Event in Austin, and has also released tracks on labels such as Armada in the past.

Both of the tracks on their EP have high-octane grooves, ominous synth lines, and sci-fi inspired sounds that together create a dystopian atmosphere. The opening track ‘Disruption’ has a lurching lead synth that stalks, rips, and tears through the speaker.

‘Blackout’ is the second of the two inclusions, and it’s the harder of the two in terms of how the kick drum drives the track. Its defining feature is the euphoric breakdown, which kicks up a gear when the drums are met with a rave-esque synth line.

Sam WOLFE & KILL SCRIPT – Disruption EP is out now on 1605.

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