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Safar (FR) releases afro house EP on Sol Selectas

Safar (FR) has had tracks come on labels such as Deep Root Tribe, MoBlack Records, and Moon Black Records, and is a rising star in the Afro house genre.

Based in France, his music is influenced heavily by his African ancestry, as he creates immersive atmospheres that are driven by rhythmic beats and full of sounds which transport the listener to the plains of Africa.

Sol Selectas is a label that Safar (FR) has worked with before, and he is back on the imprint with a two-track EP titled ‘The Lost Tribe’. Owned by Sabo, Sol Selectas is a leading organic house imprint which also releases Afro house.

The title track features tribal drum work, dramatic snares, and driving synth stabs. With powerful drum rhythm’s that deliver suspense and tension, and are enhanced by the song’s vocal chants and tingling pads.

Second of the two, ‘Memelles’, features lead synths that bind the song together and create a foundation for the vocals. Tribal percussion helps drive the track towards an epic breakdown section where the piano and vocal reach a crescendo before the drums drop back in.

Safar (FR) – The Lost Tribe EP is out now on Sol Selectas.

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