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Sabo ends 2020 with Buddy System VA album on Sol Selectas

Sabo releases Buddy System VA album on Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas is the label owned by Sabo and includes artists such as Namito, Mark Alow, Hraach, Satori, Armen Miran and Unders amidst its stacked roster of talent.

Sabo is also prevalent on the imprint, and his skills as a curator have led to Sol Selctas becoming one of the major players in sales charts on stores like Beatport.

Coming towards the end of what has been a crazy year, it’s great to say there has still been some highlights to come from the labels and artists who have continued to put out music, and the new one from Sol Selectas would be one such example.

Sabo has compiled an eight-track album made in collaboration with Dandara, UNER, Namito, Noema, Hot Oasis, Saint Flip, Metrika and SidiRum, who each join him to individually collaborate on one of the releases eight tracks.

Red Lotus, made with Dandara is the opener and its soothing vocals and poignant mood set the scene for the album. Hot Oasis joins Sabo for their track Bakhu, which lifts things with its up-tempo groove and clanging tribal percussion.

Things then get mystical with Namito’s Persian style melodies on Celebration Santoor, before the desert vibes of Duende, made in collaboration with UNER.

Min Q, made with Saint Flip switches things up with a drop in BPM, then the plodding groove of Daikato by Noema and Sabo feels like the determined footsteps of someone walking towards a tropical oasis in the sweltering heat of the mid afternoon sun.

The ceremonial chanting and gliding synth work of Imagine made in collaboration with Metrika signify approaching the end of this satisfying journey, and Fainá, featuring SidiRum closes things out in a relaxed and jovial style.

Like a long walk through a desert landscape, this album tells a story with each track breaking up the trail like a marker in the road.

Sol Selectas’ Buddy System is out now.