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Rhythm Masters pick the top five records from their own catalogue

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It’s been two decades since house veterans Robert Chetcuti and Steve Mac entered the world of dance music under the ‘guise Rhythm Masters. And still, as much as ever their productions still stand tall on any system.

The duo has had a career that’s saw Cr2 Records, Defected Records and Milk & Sugar on it’s catalogue, with remixes for top shelf names such as Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry.

We got in touch with the recently resurected pair to get an insight into their top five weapons from the past 20 years.

1. Rhythm Masters – Deep Inside Of You

This was actually one of the first tracks we made for Disfunctional Recordings. We started the label after we had been remixing everything. We needed to do something different and underground. The basis of the label was to do completely what we wanted. Lots of sample based stuff and just having lots of fun in the studio. Loved making this record.

2. Rhythm Masters – Psycho 

I remember Carl Cox dropping this on Brighton seafront to thousands of people back at the end of the 90’s. When the breakdown came in and it just had the sub bass, the place went absolutely mental. All the heads around that time started playing this from Armand Van Holden to Daft Punk. Still love this record.

3. Rhythm Masters – 20 Year Cycle

I know this one was only last year but it feels like a classic for us already. Getting Kenny Dope involved was fantastic. We really went back to our roots with this record and used the old gear we use to use to make our records from back in the day.

4. Rhythm Masters – Ibiza In My Soul (Todd Terry’s Mix) 

Todd absolutely smashed this record. I remember when he sent us the mix, we were so blown away. Pete Tong signed this to FFRR when he heard this mix after he made it Essential new tune. This mix smashed Ibiza.

5. Rhythm Masters Vs Junior Sanchez  – The New Age Funk

Junior was over in the UK on tour. We originally met in Miami with him and Armand Van Helden. That’s when we became part of the Famed Mongoliods. When Junior was in the UK touring. He came and stayed with us in Brighton for a few days and we came up with this. We sent it to Terry Farly and he signed it to the brilliant Junior Boys’ Own label. We were so proud to have this track on such a great label.