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Redshape to release a series of live show inspired EPs

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Redshape has revealed that he will be beginning a new series of EP’s inspired by ten years of live performances. The first record is due to come out on the Running Black imprint.

Each EP will be released on a different label and will re-imagine the masked producers live shows. Redshape states that the series is a “special thank you to the labels I worked with over the past ten years, and also to all the people on the world’s dancefloors.”

First to be released is Best of Live Vol. 1, which will be released through Gerd Janson’s label on August 5th. It will contain two pieces of music inspired by live performances in Tel Aviv and Rome.

Redshape has said that the EP “contains tracks which were only part of my live set: previously unavailable and not even arranged as full tracks.” He goes on to say, “As I always record my shows, I searched for the moment in which each of those tracks had their biggest and also earliest impact. I took that recording and rebuilt them part-by-part to make them proper DJ versions without losing their live roots.”

Best of Live Vol.1 is to be released on August 5th.