Ramiro Lopez talks Density EP, lockdown restrictions and 2021 album plans | Soundspace

Ramiro Lopez talks Density EP, lockdown restrictions and 2021 album plans

Interview: Ramiro Lopez

A release catalogue that includes EPs with Kraftek, Phobiq and Suara have made Spanish techno producer Ramiro Lopez one of his home countries most in-demand names.

And as a label owner heading up his own Odd Recordings, he’s also been responsible for releases from other techno authorities, most notably Andres Campo, Markantonio, and KUSP.

This month Lopez debuted with new Turkish imprint RX Recordings, so we reached out to him to chat about the tracks, what he has coming in the near future, and how he’s been coping with the current lockdown restrictions, among other things. Get the full discussion below.

You’re about to release your Density EP with Turkish imprint RX Recordings, talk us through the original productions on this one?

There are 3 tracks. Density, Polar and In Stripes. I’ve been testing them many times before all this madness with the coronavirus happened and made a lot of changes before I was happy with them. Shame they won’t be played in many dance floors at the moment but at least people will be able to listen to and dance to them in private.

And it also includes two remixes from Procombo and Ugur Project, what was your reaction when you first heard the edits?

Both did a good job with the remixes. I think they complete the EP very well. Procombo undoubtedly takes Polar towards a groovier direction, and Ugur Project takes Density in a more retro direction, while keeping a blissful sound.

It comes as just the fourth release on the label, they must have been pretty convincing to get you on board?

They showed us the project with the label and the way they are planning to work on it and we really liked it. They are very professionals. All the guys involved are totally into the electronic scene. Actually, the brand RX comes from one of the most famous clubs in Turkey, which is based in Istanbul and gives the name to the label.

In the past you have also released on Suara, Kraftek and Phobiq, what kind of things do you consider when looking at a label for a release?

I have to love the music they are releasing, it has to be close to my sound and also to know the guys running the label and to like the way they work.

And what can you share with us about where we might see you release in the coming months?

I’ve been working a lot during this entire year and I have a lot of unreleased material prepared. And you know what, I’m planning to release my very first album in 2021! I still have to define everything well and I’m not in a rush. I want to enjoy the process as much as possible. Soundspace will be the first to know about this debut album, take it for granted.

Let’s talk about your own Odd Recordings imprint, where in the past you have released tracks from Andres Campo, KUSP, Markantonio and Arjun Vagale, who will be joining the Odd roster in the near future?

We are happy with all we have achieved with our label. There is new music from people already in the family like Markantonio or Giovanni Carozza for example but also new names on board like Bleur & MB1 and Orion, just to name a few. We just released an outstanding 4-track EP from JNO titled Retrospect, which we really love.

2020 has been a pretty shit year for our entire industry, with clubs, festivals and conferences being cancelled all over the globe, how have you been keeping busy while not being able to tour?

As I said before, I’ve been working uncountable hours at the studio. Cooking is something that I love as well and I’m spending a lot of time enjoying it. Did you see my Chef Ramiro live videos while cooking and playing techno sets? And I’m also taking advantage of the free time to spend more time with friends and family. Always with responsibility and the appropriate measures, of course.

And what kind of changes do you think we’re going to see across the nightlife industry in 2021?

I think all the changes will be very progressive. Hopefully we’ll start with the clubs soon, starting with some events if they are not at full capacity. All the people working on our sector are very professional and responsible in general, so I think everybody will adapt and do their best. A short time ago we received very good news in the agency, and I will be playing in Mexico on December 5th. Alongside Rafa Barrios and Bandidos Music people.

Thanks a lot for chatting to us, before we go, what’s one album or EP that you’ve really been enjoying this year so far?

Lately, I’ve got albums from Kölsch and Layton Giordani that I really liked. And besides the usual labels and artists I usually follow and play, I’ve been listening to music from different styles like Bob Moses, Bicep, Four Tet, Denis Sulta, they are very inspiring. Thanks to you guys!

Ramiro Lopez’ Density EP is out now on RX Recordings.