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Interview: Quivver on ‘Liquid Nights’, working with Dave Seaman, and more

Interview: Quivver

DJ & producer Quivver has been a long standing contributor to the UK house scene for many years, pushing his club-focused sound via record labels like Poker Flat Recordings, Bedrock Records, and Champion Records.

Since around the same time that the world found itself faced with a pandemic, he and fellow British artist Dave Seaman have been in the studio quite frequently, and as a result are now releasing a generous amount of collaborative releases together.

The most recent of said collaborations to drop arrived around a fortnight ago in the form of their 2-track ‘Liquid Nights’ EP, which is out now on Ralf Kollmann’s renowned Mobilee Records imprint.

Alongside premiering the title track from the EP, we also got to ask Quivver about the two tracks, what else we might hear from him and Dave soon, his approach to signing new music, and more. Read the full interview below.

Hi John, I hope you’re well, how has your summer been so far in the UK?

It’s been pretty good so far thanks. Lot’s going on, it was actually my birthday on the 16th, so it was a nice co-incidence that the new Mobilee EP with Dave Seaman was released that same day. And the tracks are already flying up the Beatport progressive house chart, a nice way to finish my birthday weekend!

Apart from that, I recently got back from a great weekend DJ’ing in Canada, and just confirmed some Sudbeat shows in Argentina, one of my favourite places to play, so I’m having a good week so far.

We recently premiered your track ‘Liquid Nights’ with Dave Seaman, talk us through the two original tracks that’s included on this one?

Dave came over to my studio with a laptop full of samples (as usual) and we started from there. We both loved the ‘Liquid Nights’ vocal and also found some great chord stabs which worked really well, so we built the track around those two main elements. We spent a lot of time working on layering the chord sounds and tried to do something original and unique with the track.

The second track, ‘Gotta Implode’, also contains a vocal from Dave’s vinyl collection. We went in a bouncy, housey direction with that one, with a hint of acid thrown in to spice it up a bit.

It comes via Mobilee Records as you said, how did you come to sign the tracks with Ralf?

We’ve been working with a lot of Berlin based labels with our collaborative project. First with Frankey and Sandrino’s ‘Sum Over Histories’, then Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings, and now Mobilee. Dave had been speaking to Ralf, and sent the tracks over as soon as we had finished them. He liked both tracks, so that was that.

Neither Dave or myself have released much music on German labels in the past, but for some reason when we collaborated, our sound somehow caught the ears of these labels. We also have a release on Einmusika coming soon. I have no idea why this project has been so well received in Berlin, but we’re both very happy about it!

You’ve also released music on Bedrock Records and Champion Records over the years, what do you typically look for in a label when considering them for a release?

I typically send music to the labels who’s music I like and play the most, it’s as simple as that really. With this project, Dave has been the one contacting the labels but we’ve both chosen from a very small bunch of labels that we’re big fans of.

And which other labels might we expect to see you on in the near future?

As I mentioned earlier, our next release, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, will be out on Einmusika this month.

You’ve been in the studio with Dave quite a bit since the pandemic, does this mean we can expect a lot more collaborative releases from you guys?

Yes, we’re working on a lot of stuff, going in a lot of different directions, so there’s definitely going to be more releases on the way over the next few months. We only manage to get together for a day or two, every few weeks, but we work pretty fast together so we usually come away with a couple of solid track ideas each time.

What’s something you enjoy about working with other artists compared to working on a solo production?

It’s always nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off, and I always end up doing things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I’m so used to my own way of working, it’s interesting to approach things from someone else’s perspective for a change.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to bring attention to before we finish up?

Yes, there’s one more very exciting thing I can mention. Dave and I have been asked to compile and mix the next album in the Balance series, for release in February 2024. We were originally scheduled to do this in 2020, which is the reason we started this collaborative project in the first place, but then of course covid happened.

Anyway, we’ll be on the hunt for new, unsigned material over the next few months, plus making a few more tracks specifically for the album. It’s a big honour for us both to be asked to do this, after the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Hernan Cattaneo, Joris Voorn, James Zabeila, Nick Warren, Lee Burridge and most recently Tim Green have done them before us. I cannot wait to get started on this!

Quivver & Dave Seaman – Liquid Nights EP is out now on Mobilee Records.

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