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Quenum releases ‘We Are Together’ on This And That Lab

Quenum releases 'We Are Together' on This And That Lab

This And That Lab, run by Davide Squillace presents a new EP from Quenum who makes his debut on the label with a minimal release that’s full of flavour.

Davide Squillace’s label has often been an extension of his own sound, and this new EP is certainly the style that fans of the label owner would expect to hear in his DJ sets.

Right from the get-go the opening cut We Are Together is exceptional. It’s minimal to the extreme, with only a handful of sounds playing at any one point, but the captivating bassline and soulful vocal are an odd combination that really works. Each of the sounds are rich and thick with texture, so although there isn’t much playing, the track still sounds full with only a few parts.

The other two tracks are equally special, as Like A River featuring the vocals of Zac Quenum, is a poetic mix of artistic vocals and uplifting sounds layered with clean cut beats. Last on the release is Never Take The Easy Way which is also a stripped back affair, but it takes a more melodic approach with tense synths that build suspense.

All three of the tracks are distinctly different from each other while still having a continuity that creates a well-rounded release with some great variety.

Quenum’s We Are Together EP is out now on This And That Lab.