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Pretty Pink on Wanderlust, remixing and working in isolation

Pretty Pink Interview

Releases on imprints like Found Frequencies, Armada Deep and Doorn Records have made Pretty Pink an essential player for German house music.

She has also managed her own Wanderlust label for several years, which through features from Nico Pusch, Rocco Kredo, Alex Breitling and Daniel Ledwa has become a respected output amongst her peers.

We spoke to Pretty Pink about her recent return to Wanderlust, who we might see on the label in the coming months, and how she has been dealing with the current lockdown.

You recently released your new Pain Killer original on Wanderlust, tell us about the inspiration behind this one?

I have already worked with The Element on The Deepest Beat, My Kick and some edits before. I love collaborating with him. No doubt, I really like his voice and I can work very well with it in the studio. He always delivers great quality. It happens again and again that vocal parts have to be re-sung because it doesn’t quite fit the arrangement.

With The Element however, this runs very easy. I think you can hear that too. I already had the idea for the track at the end of last year and I really wanted to do it with vocals. And to be honest – I really liked his first interpretation. All in all, the work in the studio on this track was super smooth, and it was the most fun.

And one week later you released a remix for Lost Frequencies’ Sweet Dreams, how did you approach that project when you received the stems?

I have known Lost Frequencies for about five years from our start together at Armada Deep. That’s exactly where our first collaboration was born, the Are You With Me remix. Now I wanted to try a second time to get a great track from him. The track is called Sweet Dreams and is sung by the enchanting voice of Audrey Janssens. Whether I’m working on a remix for Lost Frequencies or a new title of my own, I often have an idea of which direction I want to take.

I was especially attracted by Audrey’s voice and I wanted to give the whole track more of an electronic club mood. Lots of synthesizer sounds to lift the atmosphere and carry the voice until the uplifting drive from the bassline sets in. I’ve been testing the track in my live sets for several months and based on the club-testing, I edit until things are done and everything fits 100%. Listen to it and let me know how you like it!

Your music has appeared on Found Frequencies, Doorn Records and Universal, what kind of things do you consider when a label approaches you for a release?

For me, a label has to be authentic and release music that appeals to me both as a producer and as a DJ. And of course there should be a good basis, the cooperation between artist and label must be just right.

And can you give us any info on which labels you’ll be releasing with in the coming months?

The next release after my remix on Found Frequencies is planned on my own label. It will be my edit of Real to Real with a powerful AKA AKA remix, I’m really looking forward to this one. When I play the track live in the club, people always go completely nuts.

And on the subject of Wanderlust, where you have released tracks from Daniel Ledwa, Nico Pusch and Alex Breitling, who else can we expect to see on there soon?

I created the label mainly to support young and upcoming artists and to have a playground for myself. The feedback so far is simply fantastic and I will continue this strategy this year. I just released tracks by the talented artists Ben Haydie and then DJ Meks. The next few months are already planned, but I’m still happy to receive demos for the label.

The world is of course facing some major problems right now, with DJs feeling the effect as much as anyone, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy at home?

This crisis hits us all hard. And I don’t just mean us artists, but everybody. Fortunately I have enough to do with my label and my biweekly radio show, as I also take care of graphics and promotion and so on. I also stream my show live via Twitch to keep in touch with my fans and give them the opportunity to have a good time at home.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when we can properly go outside again?

I will eat in a fancy restaurant, because I love to eat good food.

And before we go, do you have a favourite track from 2020 so far?

My favorite track from myself was Lost Frequencies – Sweet Dreams (Pretty Pink Remix) and from somebody else, Thomas Lizzara – Lucerne!

Pretty Pink ft. The Element – Pain Killer is out now on Wanderlust.