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Premiere: Zeynep Erbay – Dream Of You

Premiere: Zeynep Erbay - Dream Of You

Known for her previous work on labels such as Soul Clap Records and Compost, Zeynep Erbay’s latest release showcases her growth as a producer and her ability to deliver bright and energetic club tracks which seamlessly fuse elements of house and Italo.

Titled ‘Dream Of You’, the EP comes via Exploited, and consists of two tracks in total with the title track leading the way for another original in ‘Disillusion’. We premiere the opening track exclusively in full.

From the moment the track begins, it becomes evident that Erbay holds the ability to create an infectious dancefloor experience. The punchy drum work sets the pace, as the track progresses with silky smooth synth licks and vibrant bassline rhythms for an overall groove-heavy and upbeat club cut.

The German label, owned by renowned house and disco expert Shir Khan, once again delivers, though with previous releases from artists like Budakid, Popof, Fouk, and Krystal Klear, who’s really surprised.

Zeynep Erbay – Dream Of You EP drops May 19th on Exploited.

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