Premiere: Yousef & Reboot - Frankfurt | Soundspace

Premiere: Yousef & Reboot – Frankfurt

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Rating: 8.5

Yousef is an artist that’s been at the forefront of dance music for as long as we can remember. Radiating sounds that combine the funk and groove of house and the rapid velocity of techno he continues to pioneer the frontiers of electronic music. His Circus Recordings endeavour has surfaced some of the best in underground music and has attracted a truckload of esteemed names such as Carl Cox and Green Velvet, with releases also coming from Sven Vath, Four Tet and Guti.

Liverpool has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage of Music status and the council and LIMP (Liverpool International Music Festival) have turned to Yousef, who has contributed his fair share of musical culture to the city, to curate a creative project to “connect Liverpool with other musical buoyant global cities via event, a documentary and a collaborative EP with a number of industry peers.”

Yousef’s Three Cities EP is to be released through his own Circus Recordings imprint, and possesses three tracks that unify the musical culture of Liverpool, Frankfurt and Mexico City. Collaborators include Hector, Reboot and Lewis Boardman on a project that symbolises the culture exchanges of the past, as Yousef believes these influences are essential to new ground and creativity.

Today we’ve got ‘Frankfurt’ to bring to you. “Frankfurt is just as important for the history of electronic music as Liverpool is for me, or any of the US cities like New York or Detroit.”

Frankfurt is the home of collaborator Reboot and the track reflects influences from both artists. Acid influenced sound warps the mind as subtle, outer world atmospheres swirl high above. Warped vocals make themselves heard as the track makes its way along Darwin’s Theory.

The track takes an emotional turn as it continues to grow, continually sprouting new elements of sound before the infectious groove takes you once more.