Premiere: Theo Schmitt 'The Game' (Lunar Plane Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Theo Schmitt ‘The Game’ (Lunar Plane Remix)


Rating: 7.5

There isn’t a bond in life that comes closer than identical twins and Lunar Plane have used this to their advantage in their quest to conquer the art of music production. Previous outings on imprints like Parquet have proved their worth and they now make an appearance on Re:sound Music.

Remixing Theo Schmitt’s ‘The Game’ ahead of Schmitt’s debut album, the pair bring an eclectic mix of bright and emotive synth bass and simple house drums with a top layer of melodic arpeggios.

Theo Schmitt’s The Game (Remixes) is available 26th June on Re:sound Music.