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Premiere: Shaun Moses – The Consequence

Premiere: Shaun Moses - The Consequence

Rating: 8.5

Look up the definition of rolling thunder in the dictionary, and there’s a good chance it might say Shaun Moses’ The Consequence.

The latest outing from the Goa-based Indian artist finds him once again return to Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint, a label previously responsible for tracks from Andres Campo, Hannes Bieger and Drunken Kong.

This time out, Shaun brings his Mind Of Mercy EP to the label, which at five tracks in total includes original titles Mindset Of Mercy, Silence In Chaos, Fragmented Emotions, The End Of Time and The Consequence. The latter of which we host an exclusive full length premiere for.

The track is heavy set and as previously mentioned, will have the ground beneath your feet vibrating like rolling thunder across a battlefield, the radio call-esque vocal samples and arpeggiating melodic rhythms add to the soundscape, building a dance floor weapon bursting to be let loose.

Shaun Moses’ Mind Of Mercy EP drops December 7th on Tronic.