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Premiere: Ronnie Pacitti – Destiny

Premiere: Ronnie Pacitti - Destiny

Rating: 8.0

Scottish club music has graced us with a wealth of talent over the years, from the dimly lit techno anthems of Slam, to the mega-success of Calvin Harris, the windy little country has always held its own on the global stage.

Now another name is here to join the party, in the form of Aberdeen’s Ronnie Pacitti, who following releases with Stress Records and Of Unsound Mind, now debuts with Champion Records.

The London-based imprint has seen names like Sam Divine, Sandy B, Rob Made, and Archie B release with them in the past, and Ronnie is a perfect addition to their flourishing roster.

The Scottish producer combines his new Destiny and Show It All originals for a double A-side EP which arrives as a bit of a trance and house hybrid, with euphoria-inducing chords and well planted basslines, it’s one of our essential picks for this month!

Ronnie Pacitti – Destiny / Show It All drops October 15th on Champion Records.