Premiere: Rico Puestel - Obi Xi | Soundspace

Premiere: Rico Puestel – Obi Xi

Premiere: Rico Puestel - Obi Xi

Rating: 7.0

A previous run of releases for some of techno’s finest imprints, including TAU, Phuture Wax, and Cocoon Recordings, have seen Rico Puestel leave a lasting impression on the genre.

Now returning to his own Exhibition label, the German artist delivers his new “Obi Thine Xi” LP, which comes as an 8-track digital release, and a 12-track vinyl offering.

While the majority of the labels releases have come from Rico himself, it has also seen works from Secret Cinema, Tom Wax, and Florian Hollerith.

From “Obi Thine Xi”, we have the pleasure of premiering “Obi Xi”, an almost 12-minute club cut which while starting out as a relaxed, softly filtered synth pad, soon evolves into a roaring climax of lean hi-hats, fat kick drums and well balanced low end rumbles.

Rico Puestel – Obi Thine Xi LP drops September 24th on Exhibition.