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Premiere: Rico Puestel – Astrayed

rico puestel, [ahrt], premiere

Rating: 7.5

Born in a small German town in Lower-Saxony, Rico Puestel first became exposed to music through piano lessons at his local primary school. Varied musical genres would act as an influence as the artist educated himself in the art of DJ’ing. 2005 and 2006 would be the years that Puestel released his first singles and EPs on Dark-Noize-Recordings and Minimal Sound Noise, which were then followed by a musical reinvention a couple of years later.

Puestel has expanding his creativity even further with the launch of his own label, [ahrt]. His debut on the newly founded imprint consists of three original mixes of the Astrayed single that abandon genre restriction and promote diversity.

At eleven minutes long Astrayed is a true journey. Shaped as one true lyrical guitar composition the track flows like poetry. Laid back vibes are maintained throughout as emotional keys and lyrics contribute to the ambient soundscape.

Astrayed is out on [ahrt] on November 17th.