Premiere: Retten - Inception (Satom Extended Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Retten – Inception (Satom Extended Remix)

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Rating: 7.5

“Retten is a project based on the pursuit of the self, on the reconciliation between the soul and the body, inevitably endowed with positive and engaging vibes. Also, it aims at reaching through the mind what is unreachable through the body by stimulating basic instincts and creating a link amongst individuals sharing similar feelings and thrills. Retten is dynamism. Retten is passion.”

Next up premiering on Soundspace we have an extended remix of Giuseppe Scarano’s (otherwise known as Retten) ‘Inception’, made possible by the creative mind of Argentine artist Satom.

The Buenos Aires producer is the head of up and coming imprint Tentacles Recordings, a label that has received immense support from the likes of Scuba, Obscure Shape and Natural Flow.

Satom’s rendition of ‘Inception’ rolls out as a pleasant scent of mystery and intrigue hangs in the air. A rolling bassline is fused alongside angelic atmospherics, whilst spacey synths can be heard growing louder and louder, attempting to pierce the tranquillity.

Satom’s extended remix demands attention. This is a track that, without your full focus, will become wasted on the listener. Each new element is implemented with patience and precision.

Suddenly the bassline halts. Intense, growling atmospherics can be heard amongst the ambience, provoking thought that something more is on its way. And you’re not wrong. From nowhere a deafening bassline crashes down like bombs raining down on a city whilst those subtle yet purposeful synths can still be distinguished.