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Premiere: Resonances IT, Daniel Beknackt – Pulse

Premiere: Resonances IT, Daniel Beknackt - Pulse

Rating: 8.0

Frankyeffe has done an incredible job with his Riot Recordings label, releasing massive productions from names like Spartaque, Fatima Hajji, Robert Vasilev and Mario Ochoa in the past.

Now he brings Vol.7 on the labels Riot Rebels series, delivering five tunes the various artists album combines the sounds of Done Weber, BolsteR, Valentin Pascual, Lazar, Resonances IT and Daniel Beknackt.

We premiere Pulse from the album, which sees the talents of Italian producers Resonances IT and Daniel Beknackt come together. It’s a return to the label for both guys.

Pulse is a heavy set and industrially charged dancefloor hammer, pounding away at the sonic cravings of techno lovers. Resonances and Beknackt do a superb job of mixing things up as well, through the use of silky acid synths and powerful vocals that ring out across the mix like a sinister minded overlord over a PA system.

Riot Rebels Vol.7 will drop November 5th on Riot Recordings.