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Premiere: Rasalas – Dhanvantari

Premiere: Rasalas - Dhantvantari

India has become a legitimate hotspot for musical talent in recent years, with a ton of promising names coming through and finding appreciation from eager European audiences.

One of said talents is Goa-based producer RASALAS, who has previously seen his music come on record labels like aboriginal, Intricate Records, and Abstract Space Records.

His latest production will see him make his debut with Topgun Records, an imprint which in the past has hosted tracks from Moonbeam, Lorianh, Slow B, and others.

‘Dhanvantari’ comes as a single release, and serves up fluid percussive sounds and heavily filtered synth melodies, for a deep and melodic club sound.

RASALAS – Dhanvantari drops July 28th on Topgun Records.

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