Premiere: Ramon Tapia - Backspace | Soundspace

Premiere: Ramon Tapia – Backspace

Premiere: Ramon Tapia - Backspace

Rating: 8.5

Belgium born techno artist Ramon Tapia has been on a roll when it comes to his studio output, releasing on Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains, Adam Beyer’s Truesoul and Pig & Dan’s ELEVATE labels.

His next venture comes on November 26th, via a two tracker on Tabulat, a label started by his fellow Belgian natives at the FloorFiller collective.

The somewhat new imprint have released music from the likes of Rudosa and Hush & Sleep, and Ramon Tapia will serve their fourth release since launch.

The EP is made up of Tapia’s Backspace original alongside a great remix from the Berlin based, Toronto born Weska. We run a premiere for the original mix.

It’s a pounding mainroom techno thumper with beautiful, celestial synth patterns and temperamental low end rumbles that bring a solid club ready weight. You can listen to the track in full below.

Ramon Tapia’s Backspace EP will drop November 26th on Tabulat.