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Premiere: Raidho – Mulinea (Timboletti Sunset Remix)

Premiere: Raidho - Mulinea (Timboletti Sunset Remix)

Rating: 8.0

Making a return to the Sabo owned Sol Selectas imprint, Polish producer Raidho will release his brand new five-track Rain Drops EP this month.

The release puts his Rain Drops and Mulinea originals alongside remix work from Kermusse and Timboletti, the latter of whom brings two different edits with Sunrise and Sunset versions.

German-based artist Timboletti has previously appeared on Acker Records, Underyourskin and Stil Vor Talent, and Sol Selectas is an excellent addition to his catalogue.

His Sunset remix combines rhythmic pluck melodies, raw percussive sounds and roaring brass-like sound design for a euphoric and harmonising melodic house track that holds the attention effortlessly from start to finish.

Raidho’s Rain Drops EP will drop July 29th on Sol Selectas.