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Premiere: Pitch Deck – Lay It Down

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Rating: 8.0

American two-piece Pitch Deck follow up releases on Whiteboard Records and Farris Wheel Recordings with their inaugural appearance on Undaground Therapy Musik.

The imprint, headed up by Roy Davis Jr., has seen outings from names like Sheyi, Charlie Soul Clap, and Al Zanders since their relaunch back in 2018.

Pitch Deck bring three fresh originals to the label for their new Lay It Down EP, which includes Lay It Down, Inside My House, and PD Funk.

We host an exclusive premiere for the opening title track, where we find infectious vocal hooks and crisp drum hits that come together for a deep and soulful jazz-infused house cut.

Pitch Deck – Lay It Down EP drops December 10th on Undaground Therapy Muzik.

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