Premiere: Patrick Siech - Generator EP | Soundspace

Premiere: Patrick Siech – Generator EP


Patrick Siech, Generator, Per Hammer, Techno, Dirty Hands, Premiere, Soundspace


Rating: 9.0


Swedish techno fiend Patrick Siech popped up on our radar back in 2014. With previous releases on Drumcode and Octopus among others, he’s building a solid reputation as a main player in the next generation of techno.

His latest sonic offering see’s him deliver Generator, a chunky and driven sombre track that’s also accompanied by a Per Hammar mix. Per, who’s 2014 production of Scorcher impressed us beyond words is also owner of Dirty Hands, who are responsible for putting out the Generator EP. We also have the pleasure of streaming both tracks exclusively in full over on SoundCloud.

Patricks original comes complete with a warm and aggressive bassline, responsible for carrying most of the other elements. With a litter of crunchy hats and heavily processed one shots, this club heavy track comes in perfect for any DJ playing later on in the night.

Per Hammar’s Tribal And Error Mix keeps the same driven foundation of the original, but features a more progressive and stretched out arrangement. His use of reverb and panning see’s his edit have that true festival sized techno sound, not much different from the sounds of Len Faki or Joseph Capriarti.

Get ‘Patrick Siech – Generator EP’ via Dirty Hands.


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