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Premiere: Nuta Cookier – Diving To Orbit

Premiere: Nuta Cookier - Diving To Orbit

Rating: 7.5

Brazilian electronic music producer Nuta Cookier returns to his Future Scope Recordings imprint this week, for the release of his new Unification Planet EP.

Previously, Cookier’s productions have seen appearances with imprints like Prismat Recordings, Future Visions, and Beats HD, while Future Scope has played host to a number of releases from Shai, DJ Mau Mau, and Halley Seidel.

The 4-track Unification Planet EP combines his Heka Star, Diving To Orbit, and Star Motion originals with the title track, and we have the pleasure of premiering Diving To Orbit in full.

Complete with weighted drum hits, pulsating synth licks, and energetic bursts of acid, Diving To Orbit delivers a robust and highly rhythmic techno gem that we’re sure will demand serious respect on the dancefloor. Stream the track in full below.

Nuta Cookier’s Unification Planet EP is out now on Future Scope Recordings.