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Premiere: Nhar – Navigli

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Rating: 7.5

“Electronic music is a secret and complex art: It lives on chaos and paradoxes, clashed histories and dark sides. So is Nhar’s musical algorithm. Coming from the flourishing southern techno scene, the artist has developed a personal universe on the fringes of techno and minimal house on labels such as Modelisme, WIR, Mobilee, Plak or Correspondant.”

Nhar’s first musical experiences consisted of drumming in a metal band until he was seventeen. A yearning for the depths of activism and art brought him upon a breeding ground that led to his first compositions.

Since then releases have been clocked up with the 22 Crew, Modelisme, Dirt Crew, Mobilee and Plak, and now the Frenchman has teamed up with journey music enthusiasts Chapter 24 to deliver the “glistening space tech of Navigli.”

Both Chapter 24 and Nhar pride themselves on their storytelling abilities through sound, and with ‘Navigli’ we’re taken on a journey infested with funk and groove. Imagine an alien planet populated by beings that only want to dance. This is what they’d be dancing to. Movement is provoked from the off as the groove is met with subtle yet effective synths that give off an otherworldly vibe. Claps are introduced as the track continues to grow, before a periodic pause gives the listener the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere, just before that groove reels you right back in.

‘Navigli’ is taken from Chapter 24’s impending album, Seven Stories: The Quest, scheduled for a September 16th release date.