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Premiere: Mirco Caruso – 906090

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Rating: 7.0

Mirco Caruso began DJ’ing at the tender age of fourteen, beginning with hip hop before morphing his style through experimentation and drive. In March 2014 his first tech house project was released. La Llorena went on to be a huge success, particularly in South America, and later on in the year a further EP followed on Go Deeva Records. Since then releases have been clocked on labels such as MadTech Records and a residency has surfaced at the ROK club in Switzerland.

Caruso’s next project is the Do Ma Thing EP, coming out on 2Drop.

‘906090’ is taken from the impending EP. It begins in up tempo breakbeat fashion; crisp percussion fusing together with laser like synths to great effect. A house groove surfaces as the track evolves. More percussive elements join the party whilst a ‘game over’ type sound brings an air of originality to the steady rhythm.

Do Ma Thing EP comes out on 2Drop on November 4th.