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Premiere: Midnight Pulse – Kings And Demons ft. Myrto Stylou


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Rating: 9.5


Swiss imprint Sirion Records welcomes 2015 with their 39th release, a seven track monster from Midnight Pulse and Myrto Stylou. A collection of lofi idm, garage, ambient, house and techno vibes spread across a wide platter of sonic goodness. ‘Flash Back’ starts things off with a dark, cold aesthetic, bringing a dripping melody, mellow drone’y chords and bright resonantly strong synth fx that come together and perfectly create a picture of car headlights in the rain.

The title track ‘Kings And Demons’ follows suit, though with a slightly more stripped back, naked approach. The tight percussion and audio fx pair well with the heavily processed vocals to create an atmosphere on par with a Burial production. The second half of the arrangement brings clarity to the vocal, pushing energy into the deep bassline. A great job from Myrto Stylou on this one.

‘Sub Messages’ brings the club to the release, with more of a techno sound and grinding hi hats it’s completely stripped of any clutter, but still sounds full. ‘Remain’ is more of the same, straight up drum beats and an arrangement that’s perfect for a dance floor, the emotive touch of the vocal adds a nice layer over the depth the rest of the audio brings.

Our favourite from the seven is ‘Mirror Lake’. The pure emotion it delivers to your speakers is flawless, the attention to detail in the mix brings such a pleasant experience from the percussion and cold piano progression that it has you hitting the repeat button over and over. The reese style bass brings a nice depth to the overall sound, but shows a touch of aggression that keeps it entertaining.

‘Stars Above’ features an unmatched top line, the excellent writing and strong execution from Myrto Stylou sits great above the rest of the track, an excellent arrangement from Midnight Pulse as well, and we love the intensity from the drums and percussion.

To finish off this titan is ‘Awakened By You’. Perhaps the most atmospheric of the bunch, the use of fly by fx and vinyl hiss brings a nice link to the skippy percussion, add in the glitchy fx and some-what weird synths and it comes together nicely into a house meets garage meets idm package.


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